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 Cady’s Tavern has been known in some form of “Cady’s” since its founding in 1810 when Hezekiah Cady purchased the original property from his father, Col. Joseph Cady, a colonel in the Militia. He built the tavern and it served as a road side stop for travelers and was a regular stop for the stagecoach which ran between Providence, RI and Worcester, MA. It has been known as Cady’s Hotel, Cady’s Inn and now Cady’s Tavern. 

Given the history of the area and of Cady’s there’s bound to be a ghost or two floating around. In the 1920’s horror writer H. P Lovecraft stopped in for lunch while searching for the “Dark Swamp” purported to be an area of evil, wrote that the tavern “was pegged a haven of loose morals and no destination for church-going folks.” With a creepy basement, an unused “ballroom” and an equally creepy attic, Cady’s is ripe for a haunting. Cady’s has been the subject of a few paranormal investigations by RI Paranormal, Creepy Places in New England, and Paranormal Bikers. Having experienced many instances of pictures flying off the walls, objects flying off shelves and faucets being turned off and on 

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